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och arbeta med de bästa talangerna på vår nya podcastplattform Podplay. I avsnittet får vi höra Erik tala från forskarperspektivet om tankar vs. känslor i innan, totalt 7 268 000 svenskar på radio (+0,2% jämfört med v 45). View 100 top podcast episodes from Apple Podcasts : Sweden : Video Games : Episodes and view historical chart positions. Updated daily. "Mediakritisk radio som du förmodligen aldrig hört den förr." Gillar ni det vi producerar får ni gärna skicka in ett bidrag till bankkonto SEB 5708 35 378 01 Load More.

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A podcast is recorded audio, usually an MP3 file, stored on a Web site that can be downloaded to a computer or a portable media player such as an iPod. While Radio is introduced and used since early 1900.

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Radio vs podcasts

Wa Phil Valentine is a conservative talk radio host based in Nashville, TN. His show, The Phil Valentine Show, is heard weekdays on Cumulus' "SuperTalk" 99.7, WWTN. In addition to his award-winning show on WWTN, Phil works with Cumulus Nashville on a variety of projects, including the development and creation of original-content podcasts. 2014-12-14 Marek vs. Wyshynski Radio podcast on demand - Jeff Marek of Sportsnet and Greg Wyshynski of Yahoo!

2014-02-19 Live vs On-Demand. So the biggest, and probably most obvious, difference is that radio is broadcast … 2021-03-25 Welcome to the 2nd episode of #PodcastPHTalks! Last December 17, 2019, Podcast Network Asia held it's second Podcast PH Meetup and Christmas Party - complete with unli lumpia at PayMaya's office in Launchpad Building, Mandaluyong. Together with our podcasters from the network, namely Rica Garcia of The Halo-Halo Show, Stan Sy of The Wrestling-Wrestling Podcast, Delamar, Monica Francesca, Gelli 2014-10-11 Smart current radio DJ’s do podcasts to supplement their show.
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2016-02-29 · Podcasts and radio are two entirely different means of acquiring information. I listen to podcasts and to the radio both for entertainment, but for two different forms of entertainment. When I want to turn my brain off for a little bit and just relax, I listen to the radio. Radio vs. the Martians!

A podcast is recorded audio, usually an MP3 file, stored on a Web site that can be downloaded to a computer or a portable media player such as an iPod. Examples of podcasts include music, radio shows, news stories, classroom lectures, political messages, and television 2019-07-09 · The audio news sector in the U.S. is split by modes of delivery: traditional terrestrial (AM/FM) radio and digital formats, such as online radio and podcasting. While terrestrial radio reaches almost the entire U.S. population and remains steady in its revenue, online radio and podcasting audiences have continued to grow over the last decade. Most radio shows only reach the geographical area they serve, but large syndicated shows are aired on multiple stations across the country.
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It is delivered via RSS. Radio and podcasts need two different loudness targets: -24 LUFS for radio and approximately -18 LUFS for podcasts. It’s best to do all of your production at the lower “radio” level, even if your final product is to be at the higher “podcast” level. In this respect,
Internet Radio is distinct from “on-demand”
file serving or “podcasting” (which involves
DOWNLOADING the audio file rather than
simply receiving a “streaming audio source”).
Internet Radio vs. Podcasts
6. Podcasting
This is a subtle but important distinction.